Current Projects: is a social good company powered by technology. I've been working on the engagement team building social feedback loops, managing a small group of awesome developers, and improving the foundation of the platform. It's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.

This Blog is a repository of what I've learned so far in business and technology.

On Learning to Program is a website and book dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds learn to code. It's focused on helping true beginners through the process of figuring out if programming is right for them, choosing a language, deciding how to learn, and taking their first steps on the path towards mastery.

Past Projects:

Speak is a desktop application that allows remote teams to instantly connect to each other via audio, video, and screen sharing (via WebRTC). The front-end is built using electron, and the back-end is a distributed system built on RabbitMQ in Ruby and Golang. For a writeup of all the technical mumbo-jumbo, check out this blog post written by one of my partners in crime.

Sqwiggle is a web application that helps build culture on remote teams by sharing a window into each person's world. It uses webcam captures to share each team member's facial expression throughout the day, and then allows users to connect to each other via video with a single click.

Rouxbe is an online cooking school. I spent 9 months working with them on improving their CMS, and helped build their live event system.

Rentalutions is an integrated solution for landlords - it helps them handle maintenance requests, list their units, and process ACH payments from their tenants. I developed the initial version of Rentalutions and helped them through their initial launch. I assisted them in hiring their first CTO, who took the product even further. Rentalutions is currently a success, and growing.

Bike Index is a project dedicated to ending bike theft. I helped Seth Herr launch some early versions of the Bike Index. He's done awesome stuff with it, and all the success it's seen is his. He's built an awesome team around a great concept. I'm glad I was able to be able to help at the beginning.